Why one should know the details about Medicare advantage plans

Why one should know the details about 2019 Medicare advantage plans

.Knowing about Medicare advantage plans program is a must for the railroad workers. The taxes of Railroad retirement payroll include a Medicare insurance tax same as the social security payroll taxes.

During the working years, you may be paying into the Medicare advantage plans or any of the Medicare program relying on its services, but you must be aware of the program benefits that it offers.

What is Medicare?

Medicare advantage plans are a health insurance program in our country and are for people age 65 or more. It also is available for people under age 65 with disabilities and also for people with permanent kidney failure. Basic protection is provided against the health care cost, but it does not cover the long-term care cost or the medical expenses.

A railroad retirement tier portion 1 and the social security as per payroll taxes are paid by finances Medicare of employers and employees. It is financed by paying monthly premiums in part and is paid by enrollees.

CMS handles the Medicare program and the Railroad retirement board enrolls the beneficiaries of the railroad retirement in the program, deducting Medicare premiums from the monthly payments benefits, and assists in other ways.

Medicare Includes

  • Part A Medicare, this allows people to pay for skilled nursing facilities and inpatient hospital care, hospice care, and some health care services.
  • Part B Medicare, this allows paying for doctor services, many other supplies and medical services that do not have hospital insurance cover. These include health care services, laboratory services, blood replacement, outpatient hospital services, and preventive services.
  • Part C Medicare, is the Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • Part D Medicare, is the prescription drug coverage.

 Important Note

The Medicare and Medicaid are different names of the same program. Medicaid is a program state-run and is primarily designed to help people with few resources and low income. Each state has a set of rules and only eligible people are covered under the Medicaid. Some qualify for Medicaid and Medicare, for more information you can contact the local agency, or welfare office.

Who Can Get Medicare advantage plans?

  • Over 65 or older. People who are 65 or older are considered as the United States permanent residents and they are eligible for Part A, free Medicare hospital insurance.
  • Under age 65. Under 65eligibility for free Medicare hospital insurance is for totally disabled people for at least 24 months under social security law. Even people with occupational disability may be eligible for Medicare. Having permanent kidney failure ore regular dialysis may also get monthly benefits.
  • Eligibility for family members. Spouse or divorced spouse, divorces surviving spouse, dependent parent or a widower is eligible as they turn 64 or even under age 65. in fact, disabled children also are eligible.