What to Look for in Medicare Supplement plans Changes

Are you receiving mails in the recent weeks regarding Medicare? It means it is done to make you comprehend the details of the Medicare coverage and to make informed decisions. Of course, it may be overwhelming to get enrolled during the period Oct 15th to Dec 7th, the Medicare Annual Enrollment period. Nevertheless, there is a mail about Medicare Notice of change and it relates to your Medicare Supplement plans.

Notice of Change

The 2019 Medicare Supplement plans each fall sends an Annual Notice of Change document. It explains the plan cost, coverage, and service area changes that will be in effect from the following January. This information is given to help people in deciding if the existing plan will meet your health budget and care needs for the coming year. However, to get a clear understanding of the Annual notice of change, you may go through these pointers and get that it means.

  • Plan coverage. Will the changes in the plan affect coverage for the services required? Are there changes in your health to affect the services that you may require or how frequently you require them? However, will your Medicare supplement plans cover the care you expect or require?
  • Provider network. Are the current doctors in the provider network as per the plan? What about specialists, hospitals, or other providers you may require? If not, do you wish to switch in the same network to other providers?
  • Pharmacy network and Drug list. The drugs that is taken currently by you, will it be covered? Is any drug assigned on the formulary to a different tier? Will your cost out-of-pocket go for your drugs change? Can you use the pharmacies you wish or prefer?
  • Total costs. Will your co-insurance, co-pays, or deductibles change? What is the monthly plan premium? Will the out of pocket total spending for prescription drugs and services fit your budget?

Check with the plan in case you are not clear relating the ANOC or even if you did not obtain an ANOC. You may contact the customer service number that is mentioned on your member card back.


There is a need to review the Medicare supplement plans coverage available currently, so that you are not caught off guard due to coverage charges or higher costs after 1 January. However, if you want to stay with the existing plan or even if you wish to explore other coverage options of Medicare, you may do so considering the facts.