What Is Meant By The Term Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Most often we plan to have coverage in terms of Medicare since most of the times we avail services from the hospital and even the doctors. If you are keen on supplementing your insurance on Medicare Part 1 which is hospital care and Medicare Part 2 which is medical care and its coverage, you can purchase a supplement plan from any insurance company which is private.

Medicare Supplement plans are also known as Medigap. This supplementary plan of insurance contain a few generic benefits which may include basic copayments and coinsurance and even deductibles which are covered generally under the Original Medicare (Part 1 and Part 2). For this supplement plan that you purchased you need to pay separately for the same apart from whatever has been paid as a premium for the plan of Part 2. This is an additional cost apart from the original cost. Hence Medicare itself will not pay on behalf of the Medicare Supplement plan of insurance for you.

The need of the 2019 Medicare Supplement plan along with the Original Plan

Medicare Supplement plans are primarily constructed to work along with the existing plans of Medicare Part 1 and Part 2. The motive of this plan is not to replace the original plans or even eradicate its existence. Suppose you have the original plan of Medicare and also the Supplement plan, so when the payment needs to be processed, Medicare takes care of the portion of payment which comes under its plan and supplement plan does the same on its part as well. So the entire cost of medical is taken care of by these two separate plans working for one single purpose.

Points to be kept in mind:

  • You must not forget to be updated with your payments for Medicare Part 1 and Part 2 deductible beforehand. Some of the Medicare Supplement plans either pay for one of it or at times for both.
  • It is not necessary for your supplement to eradicate all the costs included in the medical. There may be a few out of pocket costs which have to be taken care of. You cannot expect your 100% coverage of the medical costs. A few here and there needs to be done.
  • This supplement plan can be included as a cover up only with Original Medicare plans and not any other random plans which do not act as a top up with the existing insurance plan.