Correlation of Advantage plans with Original Medicare plans


You cannot generally combine Medicare Advantage plans with other various types of plans related to health insurance. The advantage plans are solely meant to work along with an Original Medicare plan consisting of Part A and that of parts of Part B. It will be considered fraudulent or totally not maintaining the rules of the law if a company sells you a Medicare Advantage plan if you already have a separate type of insurance plan.

For example, with a plan of Medicaid or even Medicare Advantage if you are provided with a advantage plan if is totally illegal. You cannot really enjoy the advantage plan without the existence of its original plan. Suppose you possess an insurance plan of Medical advantage and you apply for a advantage plan, you will be denied to have the plan. You can have the plan only if you are willing to have the Original Medicare Plan A and Plan B.

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There is no scope to worry about the coverage of the benefits by the plan you purchased, at the time of any health problem. There is a chance of renewing the insurance plans, especially the plans which have been sold after the year of 1992. There is no chance that your company from where you bought the insurance will drop you at the time of need. Such a situation can occur only in times of:

  • You can be dropped off by your insurance company if you have defaulted in terms of paying your premium on time.
  • You can be dropped off by your insurance company if you have been deceitful at the time of application for the policy.
  • You can be dropped off by your insurance company if the company becomes totally bankrupt and unable to function henceforth.

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In cases of your company becoming bankrupt, you will have the accessibility or rather you will be guaranteed to purchase new Medicare Advantage plans with rights as stated. Suppose you are going through the time of a guaranteed issue on the rights, no company can deny the application of your preferred policy or insurance. They cannot even charge you extra for the coverage they seem to provide.

There are various products and services mentioned along with their descriptions in the web pages. However, web pages are not generally expected to promote their products in an open forum especially targeting the audience. It is advisable to inquire of the plans before purchasing them according to the rules and regulations and the stringent policies.