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Important Announcement! Cooking with ®Revol. Today: Fish Tagine!

Important Announcement! Cooking with ®Revol. Today: Fish Tagine!

Abajo en Español !


The day we decide to write a food-blog, we realise that, for each post, we will have to make two major choices: what? and Where? Will it be savory..sweet..a soup, icecream, comfort food…?
And once we have solved that question, the second one comes: where will we present our dish…in the same dish we have used for cooking..or in a special dish for presentation? And we start buying..collecting items (more than a normal person would ever use in a lifetime!), and we have our favorites! Those dishes we love because they are great for cooking..AND taking our food to the table, those that are so well designed that seem to be the perfect jewelry box for our precious “gems”…

Just like that, checking what the French market had to offer, I started using Revol..without thinking of the brand in itself..just looking for porcelain that would be great to cook with, and would look great..The proof of what I say? My old posts here, here, or here….here, here or here too!


What I didn’t know…and this is where blogging becomes a world full of surprises, was that Revol was looking at me too! Yes, Revol, the quintessence of French culinary porcelain! A family-owned company since 1789! French savoir-faire to the service of the professional cook AND the family kitchen! Looking for new horizons, the company is expanding their business to the USA and the rest of America, and I was contacted to see if I wanted to be part of this venture…cooking with the brand that I had adopted before they adopted me!

My answer was “yes” because it was a genuine partnership! Because I thought Revol was good quality and excellent design before I could ever dream of being their recipe developer and photographer! A natural thing…


Just like a girl with lots of new toys to play with (and probably happier) I decided to share with you my first this gorgeous tagine dish! The recipe today will be a fish tagine…as an alternative to the traditional lamb tagine…but the dish can be used for a vegetable one..or whatever you want! It is true that a tagine dish immediately transports us to Morocco, a world of spices…mysterious Eastern culture! but the same dish can be used for whatever requires long hours in a warm oven…braised meats, vegetables “confit”, etc…

And then, the magic trick ! Capturing our “audience” in awe, when we lift the lid, and “voilà” smoky vapour unveils a cloud of scents…Cooking has also a part of theatrical drama!


Importante Anuncio! Cocinando con ®Revol. Hoy: Tagine de Pescado 


El dia que decidimos comenzar a escribir un blog de cocina, nos damos cuenta que, para cada entrada, debemos hacer dos elecciones mayores: el que? y el donde? Sera salado, dulce..una sopa, helado, comida de todos los dias…? Una vez resuelto esto, viene la segunda cuestion: donde vamos a presentar nuestra comida..en el mismo plato donde lo cocinamos…o un plato especial de presentacion? Y ahi empezamos a comprar…coleccionar cosas (muchas mas de las que un ser humano normal tendria en toda su vida!), y tenemos nuestros favoritos! Esos platos que amamos porque son buenisimos para cocinar Y llevar nuestra comida a la mesa…aquellos que ademas estan tan bien diseñados que parecen ser una cajita perfecta para nuestras “joyas”….

Asi, viendo lo que el maercado francés me ofrecia, empecé a usar Revol.…sin pensar en la marca…solo buscando cosas lindas y buenas en porcelana culinaria…La prueba de lo que digo? Todas estas entradas ya viejas de mi blog y de Menu Malbec acaaca,aca, aca, aca y aqui también!


Lo que no sabia...y esto confirma que escribir un blog trae muchas sorpresas, es que Revol me estaba mirando a mi también! Si, Revol, la quintesencia de la porcelana culinaria francesa! Una empresa familiar desde 1789! El savoir-faire francés puesto al servicio de los chefs profesionales y de la cocina familiar! Buscando nuevos horizontes, la empresa expandio su negocio en los Estados Unidos y el resto de America, y me contactaron para ver si yo queria ser parte de esta aventura…cocinando con la marca que yo habia adoptado antes de que ellos me adoptaran a mi!

Mi respuesta fue “Si” porque era una asociacion genuina! Yo habia sucumbido ante el excelente diseño y calidad de Revol antes de soñar que algun dia podria ser su desarrolladora de recetas y fotografa!

Fue algo natural…


Como una nena con un monton de juguetes nuevos para jugar (y probablemente mas feliz), decidi compartir con ustedes mi primera receta…en este lindisimo plato de tagine. La receta de hoy sera una tagine de pescado..como una alternativa a la tradicional tagine de cordero…pero el plato se puede usar para hacer una vegetariana..o lo que quieran! Es verdad que la tagine nos transporta inmediatamente a Marruecos? a un mundo de especies…y una cultura misteriosa! pero el mismo plato se puede usar para todo lo que requiere una coccion lenta y a fuego suave…carnes braseadas, verduras “confit”, etc...

Y después el truco de magia! Sorprender a la audiencia, cuando levantamos la tapa, y sale el vaporcito desplegando las mas perfumadas esencias….Si, cocinar tiene también su parte teatral!

Que lo disfruten!

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A Friend from Argentina, a Trip to Marrakech…and Moroccan Food! Today’s Special: Kefta Tagine

A Friend from Argentina, a Trip to Marrakech…and Moroccan Food! Today’s Special: Kefta Tagine
The Koutoubia Mosque, a masterpiece of Hispano/Moorish art

Et oui, this time I left France to go to Morocco, with one of my best friends, who lives in Argentina…My friend E. and I have been together ever since we were six years old! Not only did we go to primary and secondary school together, but we sat together!,  we shared after-school games, vacations…. One day, without realizing, we got married..not together ;D but we kept on seeing each other, sharing our lives, families….going through tough has been particularly tough for my friend…we cried together, we were scared to death together..and still, here we are..friends for life! 
I decided that, for a change, we could visit Marrakech together, and we loved it! 

One of the first things tourists do when arriving in the Red City is to go to Jemaa el Fna Square: geographical, cultural, and social center of the Medina. In the past, the trading center between North and South Morocco..nowadays a show on its own: you will find merchants of all sorts, snake charmers, tooth pullers, musicians, fire-eaters...My favorite stands in the “souk” (market) are those devoted to antiques, and dried fruits: apricots, bananas, prunes and dates, of the best quality you will ever find!

After the bustle of winding alleys in the souk, it was time for tea…mint tea: the national beverage, AND some Moroccan pastries! 

Moroccan pastries are typically stuffed with almond paste, dusted with icing sugar or honey. They are VERY sweet, I love them though! 

Renowned for its good weather, our first day in Marrakech was unusually stormy!

Just losing your way in the streets of Marrakech is an amazing experience: you will find incredible wooden doors, arcades…and spices! Disneyland for me! 

You can find all the spices possible there, plus specific ones for different tagines, ras el hanout, lavender, star anise, plus herbs to make infusions to heal all conditions: saffran flowers for insomnia, rose from Damas..against constipation AND wrinkles.. hibiscus, for relaxation! Plus, argan oil! to be used not only for cooking (salads, cous-cous) but also renowned for its cosmetic properties against skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and in hair treatments…
After this store, we decided to go for art, and there nothing better than the Bahia Palace! 

How can I describe this jewel made by  Moroccan artists and artisans? Marble paved courtyards, stucco panels, arches, enameled terracota tiles, zellij decorations, carved-cedar for the painted ceilings…

Art, history, food, shopping….and after so much walk, a bit of “dolce far niente” in the hotel, feet in the air…

Once home, thinking about my blog and my dear readers, I thought of reproducing one of the most typical dishes of Moroccan cuisine: this kefta tagine, a classic in my kids a-dore-it!! but to be honest, we always eat it at a Moroccan restaurant here in Paris, so looking for a recipe, I remembered I had seen it in Cherine’s blog: Chicho’s Kitchen, a charming Lebanese young lady, living in Paris, who will take you to far-away lands with her amazing cuisine…

You can find her recipe and beautiful photos here. I hope you try this at home, with some cous-cous!  
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