5 Things you must do after a Spouse Dies to ensure your Insurance plans are safe

5 Things you must do after a Spouse Dies to ensure your 2019 Insurance plans are safe

 Emotions run high as you deal with a spouse loss and if you are putting your life back. Remembering the important stuff requiring to be done may not come on a timely manner at once. However, one point is for sure that one must not make financial decisions fast. Here are a few things you must do on losing your spouse if you have Medicare supplement plans.

  1. Get Death certificate: You should get from the medical examiner a death certificate within 24 hours. This certificate will be filed with the state in the funeral home and you need certified multiple copies to submit to financial institutions as proof of death and to file benefit claims. You may contact your state or county vital records or have the copies for you. These are useful to submit with insurance policies of Medicare supplement plans if your spouse was enrolled in one.
  2. Contact insurance company: If your husband has any insurance policy and you are the beneficiary, you must file a claim to get the death benefit of widows. You may contact the insurance company that provided Medicare supplement plans or any other insurance policy directly or allow the insurance agent to handle it for you. You require filing the benefit claim after your partner’s death for other insurance types your husband had. This includes credit card insurance, mortgage insurance, accidental death coverage or credit card insurance.
  3. File to survive spouse benefits: If you have children under 16 years and are not married again, you will receive the benefits as per the earnings of your deceased spouse as per the social security as you file, regardless of your age. If your child is an adult, you must submit age requirements to acquire benefits. You may receive a lump-sum death benefit from social security. in fact, widows can get financial assistance of $2000 even towards the burial expenses.
  4. Contact your spouse’s employer: Make arrangements to contact someone in the HR department to find about the life insurance of Medicare supplement plans provided by the employer to your spouse and find out the benefits. Understand if the insurance will continue for you, will you receive compensation if you have not used it.
  5. Re-evaluate finances: Spending habits must change so that the loss of income may be compensated. You must format a new budget to ensure proper payments and saving goals.