Coconut-Chocolate-Cherry Ice-cream Cake

Coconut-Chocolate-Cherry Ice-cream Cake

I know I said this week I was going to “stun” you (?!) with a recipe worthy of French Haute Pâtisserie….but ( seems like THE excuse is coming but no…) this past week has been the hottest in France in the last 50 years!! Yes, believe it or not..and I love my blog and my readers but turning on the oven in my minuscule kitchen with 36°C when I  have neither air-conditioning nor a garage-sale found fan !! (advantages of living in “the first world) ..”no way”!! Late in life (and after many bumps on my head) I learnt that “unreasoning love” does not lead to anything good..(yes, you don’t have the slightest idea of what I’m talking about..but I understand myself)

Si…ya sé que dije que iba a sorprender al mundo (?!) con una receta de la Haute Pâtisserie francesa…pero ( parece que viene la tipica excusa pero no…) esta semana fue la semana de mas calor en Francia en los ultimos 50 años!!! si, asi como lo leen…y yo amo a mis blog y a mis lectores pero prender el horno en mi cocina minuscula con 36°C cuando no tengo ni aire acondicionado ni un misero ventilador !! (delicias de vivir en el “primer mundo” ) “no way!!” A esta altura de mi vida…tarde pero seguro, aprendi que el “unreasoning love” no nos lleva a nada….(si, ustedes no deben entender de qué hablo..pero yo me entiendo sola)

Now..just a second! And here comes the instant of “self-praising” typical of any Argentinean….if you think making these layers of coconut/chocolate icecream..all even, exactly of the same width is a piece of are absolutely wrong! To start with it is not easy even in a normal “entremets”, and if, to make matters worse, we are working with icecream… This is what I tried to explain proudly to my hubby….while he was gobbling down the icecream…I served him TWICE! two generous helpings…and then he said: “Just amazing even though coconut is not my favorite flavor” “What????”, I said…”if all the time you ask to cook chicken curry and Asiatic dishes with coconut milk in them!” “Yes”, he said…”but they are savoury dishes…”

Ahora..un minutito!! Y ahora viene el instante del “autoalabanza” tipico de cualquier argentina….si pensaron que hacer que las capas de helado de chocolate/coco queden parejitas, del mismo ancho es un juego de niños ….se equivocaron! Ya no es facil en un entremets comun, pero si encima es helado…bueno..! Esto es lo que intenté que mi maridito viera..pero él comia el helado como un comio DOS porciones bastante generosas…y luego me dijo “riquisimo aunque el coco no es mi favor preferido” “What????” dije yo…”si todo el tiempo querés comer comida asiatica con leche de coco..? ” “Si”, me dijo..”pero es salado…”

I could have reminded him of the zillion years he ate “alfajorcitos de Maizena” with shredded coconut and dulce de leche…but it was too hot to go into useless details..mainly when I know the following day he’s going to ask me for more icecream..In any case, my girls loved it, I believe my guests too..I didn’t like it..I found it “sublime” (Am I not the typical Argy?  ;D

Podria haberle recordado los años que comio alfajorcitos de Maizena con coco y dulce de leche..pero hacia mucho calor para entrar en detalles inutiles..sobretodo cuando sé que al dia siguiente va a querer comer mas helado de coco…in any case…a mis chicas le encanto, a mi también, creo que a mis invitadas de Argentina también…A mi no me encanto…lo encontré “supremo” (modestia aparte ;D

I hope you try it and tell me who’s right!! If you find making the layers too complicated, you can just as well, present it in two of three scoops, cherries, shredded chocolate, or chocolate sauce…and the following day, you start for the enieth time the famous diet by Dr Jekyll…and Mr Hide!

Espero que lo prueben y me digan quién tiene razon! Si no quieren complicarse con el montaje, pueden hacer los dos helados, y presentarlos en una linda copa..dos o tres bochas, las cerezas, y el chocolate rallado o una salsa de chocolate..y al otro dia, comienzan por enésima vez, la dieta del Dr Jekyll (and Mr Hide)

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Thanks for Asking & Coming Back Soon!

Thanks for Asking & Coming Back Soon!

I really wanted to thank you all for asking, for worrying…

It’s amazing because one can be significative for people one has not even met..unfortunately! and maybe, my next door neighbour does not worry about my existence or non-existence! (this said without the “maybe”..I’m sure my next door neighbour would not notice my sudden death..just for the foul smell..)

The reasons for my silence have been many…this thing called “life”? work, eldest son passing super-mega important exams, daughter finshing high school, AND new home….so whatever free time I had, I had to spend it in stores choosing ceramics, windows, etc etc…This is not only home means mortgage, squeezing expenses…you know…but I’m happy!

In my cake business? I’m learning….sometimes the hard way! I’m not speaking technically about pastry..(though there is always a new challenge to master!) I’m talking about dealing with customers, with the competition, and the worst for me…accounts! That is not my thing!! As my husband says (sometimes not very nicely ;D ) I’m “an artist”, I have a knack for developing flavors..I have an excellent relationship with customers, but keeping accounts for me is more difficult than “making a Chantilly with diet cream”….

Then I didn’t want this blog to become a place to publicise my business…This blog was born for recipes, for if we were sharing cooking tips with friends..I hate it when blogs become “business” For business I have my “Paris Luxury Cakes” site..but “From Buenos Aires to Paris” was never business, and I want it to be that way…

I’m leaving you a photo of a cake I prepared for a shooting here in Paris..because we have to have an image in our posts BUT….BUT I promise (and I’m holding up my hand here…) that THIS week, in spite of the horrible heat wave we have in Paris….I will work on a recipe for you….but not a tiny silly thing..No, I come back with the grandeur of “la pâtisserie française” (OMG) ..Yes, I feel like those Hollywood divas…that spend years and years in a hidden retreat, until one day they come back to the screen…yes! I feel like that..particularly when I look at my wrinkles in the mirror…;D

Just give me some days…Thanks for being there! I love you all!

Cristina, the “wrinkled kitchen diva”…

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And my daughter turned 18…just without my noticing….

And my daughter turned 18…just without my noticing…. eldest daughter, Camila, mi Camilita….my sweet baby all dressed in mauve!
How did it happen? When did my baby doll grow taller than Mom?
Sweetness is the word that defines her….ever since she was a little girl…she was never a great “talker” (like Mom and her sister), she was never argumentative, never capricious…she always looked at her temperamental mother with a smile…even today, she always has the right word to cheer me to “fish me out” of my seas of sorrows, or despair….

…la mas grande, Camila, mi Camilita…mi bebé toda vestia de lila!
Cuando sucedio? Cuando fue que mi muñequita se hizo mas grande que mama?
Dulzura es la palabra que la define..desde que era chiquita…nunca fue una “gran habladora” (como mama, o su hermana), ni peleadora, ni caprichosa…Siempre parecia mirar a su temperamental madre con una sonrisa..hasta hoy en dia! siempre tiene la palabra justa para hacerme senti mejor…para “salvarme” cuando me hundo en “mis mares” de tristeza, o desilusion…

She’s always there…judging strictly my work as a baker “I don’t quite like it, Mom” knowing that “quite” is the word that has to be there..not to risk my total discouragement, or worse, a cake that ends up in the bin…but then yes, putting proudly a photo of one of my cakes in HER Facebook, to show it to all her friends…coming home, full of bliss, saying that when she announced in class her birthday dinner, everybody said: “we start fasting”, anticipating the banquet that she herself will help me bake…

Siempre esta alli…estricta jueza de mi trabajo culinario “Muuucho no me gusta”, me dice, sabiendo que “mucho” tiene que estar alli, para que no me de el bajon, o peor, que termine tirando la torta a la basura…pero después si, pone orgullosa las fotos de mis tortas en su Facebook, para que “las chicas la vean” ..o vuelve a casa, re contenta, contando que cuando anuncio su cena de cumple, todos dijeron “Empieza el regimen” haciendo lugar en el estomago para lo rico que iban a comer aca…y que ella me iba a ayudar a hacer…

Camila came to France when she was 6, and a few weeks later she started elementary school, without knowing a word in French. I was so worried about her…my daughter, “not the great talker” in her mother tongue, had to learn to write and read in a language she did not know…but she succeeded, as she always does, silently, due to her hard work, without bragging..almost unexpectedly, I would say…she succeeds..more than that, she is always among the first..

Camila vino a Francia con seis años..y a las semanas empezo la escuela primaria aqui, sin saber una palabra de francés. Yo tenia miedo por ella..mi nena, no “elocuente” precisamente, tenia que aprender a escribir y leer en un idioma que no sabia…pero lo logro, como lo logra siempre, calladita, aplicada, perfil bajo…sorprendiéndonos, diria yo…no solo logra sus metas, sino que esta entre las primeras…

She is very classic in style, modern but classic…flashy colors are not for her..she loves “ladylike” clothes, with a modern twist..The other day she told me she is not going to buy “cheap” clothes anymore (Zara, H&M style) because she prefers to have three things in her wardrobe, but of good quality and not forty poor quality T-shirts !?! and so she has worn all the winter the same Bompard cashmere…changing accesories, some of them made by herself…

Es muy clasica en estilo…moderna y clasica a la vez..los colores estridentes no son de su vestuario..Le gusta la ropa “chic”, con un toque moderno..El otro dia muy seria me dijo que no iba a gastar mas plata en ropa barato (tipo Zara, o H&M) porque preferia tener tres cosas en el placard, pero de calidad, antes que 40 remeras baratas !!?!! asiq ue todo el invierno fue al cole con su sweater Bompard, cambiando accesorios, que a veces hace ella misma…

To her, this cake: sober, elegant, fitting her like a glove..inside: her favorite flavor (see recipe here)
She looked at it and said : ‘ta linda…”
And those three syllables filled by heart with immense joy and tears…
To you, my Camilita..I love you, baby!!

Para ella esta torta: sobria, elegante, que “le va perfecto”..Adentro su relleno preferido (ver receta aqui)
La miro y me dijo: “‘Ta linda…!”
Y esas tres silabas me mataron de amor, hasta las lagrimas…
Para vos, mi Camilita..mi bebé adorado!


PS: The name you see on the cake is one I chose for my catalogue, of Paris Luxury Cakes, because of course, this cake (another) will be available for customers too….

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Happy Easter ! Felices Pascuas !

Happy Easter ! Felices Pascuas !

Paper-thin Sugar Hydrangeas

Let’s make of this Easter time something more than chocolate…a time of reflection, of understanding, sharing our time, our smiles with others…! A peaceful Easter to all of you!

Porque este tiempo de Pascua sea mas que chocolate…tiempo de reflexion, de comprension, de compartir nuestro tiempo y sonrisas con los otros…! Que tengan mucha Paz en estas Pascuas!

A Chocolate Wedding Cake, by Paris Luxury Cakes

Un beso enorme,


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