What Is Meant By The Term Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Most often we plan to have coverage in terms of Medicare since most of the times we avail services from the hospital and even the doctors. If you are keen on supplementing your insurance on Medicare Part 1 which is hospital care and Medicare Part 2 which is medical care and its coverage, you can purchase a supplement plan from any insurance company which is private.

Medicare Supplement plans are also known as Medigap. This supplementary plan of insurance contain a few generic benefits which may include basic copayments and coinsurance and even deductibles which are covered generally under the Original Medicare (Part 1 and Part 2). For this supplement plan that you purchased you need to pay separately for the same apart from whatever has been paid as a premium for the plan of Part 2. This is an additional cost apart from the original cost. Hence Medicare itself will not pay on behalf of the Medicare Supplement plan of insurance for you.

The need of the 2019 Medicare Supplement plan along with the Original Plan

Medicare Supplement plans are primarily constructed to work along with the existing plans of Medicare Part 1 and Part 2. The motive of this plan is not to replace the original plans or even eradicate its existence. Suppose you have the original plan of Medicare and also the Supplement plan, so when the payment needs to be processed, Medicare takes care of the portion of payment which comes under its plan and supplement plan does the same on its part as well. So the entire cost of medical is taken care of by these two separate plans working for one single purpose.

Points to be kept in mind:

  • You must not forget to be updated with your payments for Medicare Part 1 and Part 2 deductible beforehand. Some of the Medicare Supplement plans either pay for one of it or at times for both.
  • It is not necessary for your supplement to eradicate all the costs included in the medical. There may be a few out of pocket costs which have to be taken care of. You cannot expect your 100% coverage of the medical costs. A few here and there needs to be done.
  • This supplement plan can be included as a cover up only with Original Medicare plans and not any other random plans which do not act as a top up with the existing insurance plan.

Correlation of Advantage plans with Original Medicare plans


You cannot generally combine Medicare Advantage plans with other various types of plans related to health insurance. The advantage plans are solely meant to work along with an Original Medicare plan consisting of Part A and that of parts of Part B. It will be considered fraudulent or totally not maintaining the rules of the law if a company sells you a Medicare Advantage plan if you already have a separate type of insurance plan.

For example, with a plan of Medicaid or even Medicare Advantage if you are provided with a advantage plan if is totally illegal. You cannot really enjoy the advantage plan without the existence of its original plan. Suppose you possess an insurance plan of Medical advantage and you apply for a advantage plan, you will be denied to have the plan. You can have the plan only if you are willing to have the Original Medicare Plan A and Plan B.

The Humana Medicare Advantage plans in 2019 are available at www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org/humana-medicare-advantage-plans-2019/

There is no scope to worry about the coverage of the benefits by the plan you purchased, at the time of any health problem. There is a chance of renewing the insurance plans, especially the plans which have been sold after the year of 1992. There is no chance that your company from where you bought the insurance will drop you at the time of need. Such a situation can occur only in times of:

  • You can be dropped off by your insurance company if you have defaulted in terms of paying your premium on time.
  • You can be dropped off by your insurance company if you have been deceitful at the time of application for the policy.
  • You can be dropped off by your insurance company if the company becomes totally bankrupt and unable to function henceforth.

humana advantage plan 2019

In cases of your company becoming bankrupt, you will have the accessibility or rather you will be guaranteed to purchase new Medicare Advantage plans with rights as stated. Suppose you are going through the time of a guaranteed issue on the rights, no company can deny the application of your preferred policy or insurance. They cannot even charge you extra for the coverage they seem to provide.

There are various products and services mentioned along with their descriptions in the web pages. However, web pages are not generally expected to promote their products in an open forum especially targeting the audience. It is advisable to inquire of the plans before purchasing them according to the rules and regulations and the stringent policies.

Basic knowledge about Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans

If you are thinking of purchasing Medigap or a Medicare Advantage plans so that you are relieved of paying heavy medical bills and save up some from your pockets then a few basic things are needed to be pondered upon.

Best time to purchase this plan

You need to know that you should only purchase a Medicare Advantage insurance plan only when you are eligible to purchase the same. On the other hand you can always apply for the advantage plan and its approval. However, there can be chances and situations where your application can be underwritten. There are a few reasons why it happens. The company upon received your application goes through all your records both past and present. There may be chances that your past records of medical history can abstain you from getting this plan or can lead you to pay more at times. The background data and analysis of the same is done in an intricate manner to ensure your eligibility to get the Medicare Advantage plans.

However, there are instances like open enrolment during which a company cannot underwrite or reject an application to a particular plan. They have no other choice than considering your insurance plan. On the other hand, the duration of your open enrolment lasts for only 6months and its starts when you are already 65 years old. Another criterion that exists is that it is necessary to have Medicare Part B in order to be eligible to be under open enrolment. Hence during the period of an open enrolment you can purchase any Medicare Advantage plans as per your convenience and as long as it has a license to be sanctioned in your state.

The 2019 Medicare Advantage plans are available at www.medicareadvantage2019.org/ 

Medicare advantage insurance plans are considered to be standardised in each and every means. This is true because among all the plans named from A to N are expected to offer a few set of benefits. It doesn’t concern as to which particular company sells the plan but the benefits that come along the plans are to be provided irrespective of different companies selling it. The only variation that may be present is the cost among different companies who sell it. Standardization in costs however takes place in areas of Massachusetts and parts of Minnesota and regions of Wisconsin. Varying costs does not affect the quality of the services provided.


Few Benefits found in a Supplement Insurance Plan

There are a few basic benefits found in various types of standardized and generic Medicare Supplement plans. These include the entire coinsurance of Medicare Part A which includes all types of hospital costs. 100% of the hospital costs included is paid by the insurance. To add on a 365 days benefit to avail health checkups at no cost is provided to the individual. Apart from this most generic and important benefits, all the benefits which are enlisted under the Medicare plan are rightfully provided. However, a few expenditures related to medical costs are at times needed to be done out of pocket. These extra costs, in turn, vary from one plan to the other depending upon the range of expense and the circumstances.

Services for which the Medicare Supplement plans pay

There are typically ten various standardised plans under the Medicare plan. However, payment for the services availed differs from plan to plan and the benefits incurred in it as well. Most of the benefits are bound to pay for Medicare Plan B and its coinsurance along with the first three bottles of blood which is one point each for the primary medical procedure. The entire Part B which contains the hospice care is taken care by the insurance policy too. The other plans which have these services included may have to pay for these benefits at a rate of 100%.

For example, the Plan K ensures the payment of these services for only 50%. On the other hand Plan, L pays for the benefit of 75% of its expenses. There are other plans too out of which some may pay for all these services and some may not. All have its stipulated amount of services to be paid for. Other benefits are other covered like nursing facility provided who are skilled, the Part A deductible along with Part B deductible, extra service charges included in Part B and emergencies related to foreign travel. However such emergencies are paid up to 80% of the plan limit.

Services which are not included under the AARP Medicare Supplement plans can be explained here www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/aarp-medicare-supplement-2019/

There are a few services which are not taken care by the insurance plans. Services such as a routine check-up for dental or obscure vision and its care, prolonged care at a nursing home, problems related to hearing or getting eyeglasses for reasons.  These plans also prohibit the coverage of prescribed drug usage. However few other plans may tend to cover such benefits with extra cost effectiveness.

Medicare 101: What Are Medicare Supplement Plans And How To Choose One

Medicare 101: What Are 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans And How To Choose One

When you are visiting a doctor for a regular checkup or having an emergency operation you are going to need medicare plans the plans cover most serious or critical illness, but it lacks in a lot of areas due to this reason big MNCs (multinational companies) came up with separate Medicare Supplement plans.

Medigap covers all the areas from visiting a doctor to a large operation all the things normal Medicare plans fail the Medigap takes care of all those things.

Now let’s get to the main topic.

What are Medicare Supplement plans or Medigap?

Medicare is referred to the plans or offers large MNC’S (multinational company) gives out so that it could be easy for the customer when paying for any medical bill. Normally it is seen that when you are buying a medical plan you are actually buying the services that the hospital provides at a much lower cost from the original cost.

Although there are some things/benefits that your original Medicare plans do not provide to the customer like a dental checkup, eye contacts, life nursing services etc.

So that’s why you have Medicare Supplement plans so that you can enjoy full services that the hospital provides you.

Supplement plans cover mainly 3 aspects

  1. Co-payments.
  2. Co-insurance.

You can have supplement plans so that you can have free dental or eye contact. There are some things that the original life insurance doesn’t cover for example when you go outside and want to avail Medicare services you can do this through the help of Medigap.

After this basic, I am going to tell you a few basic facts about Medigap.

A few important things you must know before applying for Medigap:

  1. You must have Medicare plans 1 and Medicare plans 2 what this essentially means that the Medicare planes include your payment of short-term illness and long-term illness and makes you eligible for supplement plans.
  2. A medical insurance can be done for a married couple or legally for the spouse. If one person is married a Medicare policy can be done by one person with details of one person only so if one of the sources wishes to buy a Medicare policy they can for the both of them.

When you buy a Medicare Supplement plans you have to buy separate plans for your wife and yourself as one supplement policy cannot work for both.

Thank you, hope you find this article useful.